Camping Safaris in Tanzania : One of the exciting things about Tanzanian tourism is that this beautiful country which is endowed with natural beauties like the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, the home of the African wilderness, Serengeti National Park which hosts the world’s largest mammal migration, gives her visitors a chance to pose and relax in permanent camps situated close to the Parks and other attractions. So as a tourist, you can a camping safari which may take you about four to five days to enjoy the beautifulness of Tanzania. A camping safari is a wonderful experience that you will never regret taking. This is because there are both ordinary and luxurious camps which give you a stunning experience during your stay in various National Parks. Such an incredible experience that will expose you to groups of visitors at a given Park with the same purpose of enjoying the scenes of wilderness and the world’s wonders. These camps are created by either tour operators (usually known as tented camps) or permanent luxurious camps found in every tourist attraction in Tanzania. Camps are so attractive to the visitor based on the areas where they are made but also camps within the Parks help you as a visitor to experience so many ideologies and the geography of the area you select to get there. This is just because you will spend your daytime and night over there. Specifically, in Tanzania, there are so many National Parks and other most attractive areas that you could personally be influenced to have camped there. Fortunately, am so proud of the centers of our National Parks for you to have a safari camp planning in Tanzania. Wondrously, some parks allow you to have the choice of just staying in the remote areas (a distance from the location). Much appreciation to the Tanzania tourism organization due to their much contributions on making camping safari a beautiful experience for every tourist. They have increased the number of camping tourists by selecting appropriate areas to create these camps very close or inside the parks.

During your time at the camps, you will just experience different activities such as observation of located area, air condition, organism seeing. There are things you are allowed or not allowed to do while spending precious time at the camps. They differ accordingly to the time, whether it is day or night. Take into consideration the following Parks and other most popular attractions in Tanzania and worldwide. If I was your tour guide, I would advise you to organize a tour trip to the destination of all attractions just because these camps are affordable for everyone interested.

There are famous and amazing National Parks most of which are found in the Northern Part and a few in the Southern Part of Tanzania. Other luxurious places you can enjoy in this country are Zanzibar Beaches, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti National Park, Tarangire National Park, Mikumi National Park, Ruaha, and Arusha National Parks also there are some of National Parks you might stay on the camps such area is like Mount Kilimanjaro National Park;


Zanzibar Camping Tours; Zanzibar is the most attractive tourist resort island in the world located on the Eastern coast of Tanzania in the Indian ocean. There are two major ways to get to Zanzibar which are; through flight and through ship or ferry both of which are very affordable in terms of cost. Traveling through water transport may be itself a tour because you will enjoy viewing the endless body of water. In Zanzibar you will experience a lot on the camping Tanzania safaris greatly including the most famous tours are the Scuba safaris knowledge. You may just select to visit on the Ocean at the night session in order for you to observe and experience the interesting air condition of the ocean which is somehow so cold and there is a wind blowing great as much as compared to day time. In the night you would also observe some kind of species of fish and other aquatic organisms getting out of the water to just search for terrestrial food. Other species just come up on the top of the water just because it is their favored condition to survive. Other organisms prefer getting out of water during the night because there are little disturbances from fishers. During the day, there is so amazing and attractive face look of the ocean like the movement of flying birds in the sky above the ocean that decorates the area.

Camping Safaris in Tanzania
Zanzibar Camping


Kilimanjaro National Park; This is one of the most popular known tourist hotspots in the world. It is the tallest mountain in Africa and the second tallest mountain in the world from Mount Everest. On its existing one among of the National Parks, Kilimanjaro National Park that you might stay on the camps situated on its routes to the summit. Because it is too hard to climb the Mount on a single day to the summit, in every route, there are permanent camps for you to relax there while waiting for the following day. So I would like to assure you that on your organizations to visit at Mount Kilimanjaro you don’t have to worry about camps because there are a lot of camps on each route, (Lemosho, Machame, Rongai, and Northern Circuit). These camps are designed to give you a nice experience since there are weather fluctuations at different times on this year. For example, during the night there is so much cold condition thus you are advised to have a full package of the packing list that would support you to survive, learn, and enjoys climbing. Some parking lists for you to prepare are just like jackets, socks, eyeglass, boots to avoid damages and so many others. Apart from observing the ice-capped mountain, you will also enjoy the scene of animals like elephants and monkeys as well as the incredible waterfalls from the Mountain that create sub little rivers also offers Camping Safaris in Tanzania.


Serengeti Camping Safaris; This is one of the most celebrated National Park in, Africa and in the world as it hosts one of the World’s Wonders, The Great Migration. It is located also in the Northern part of Tanzania. This great park comprises of awesome species that are so attractive to everyone who takes safaris time to this Park. The park is so huge with very large plains that make others call it an ‘endless plains’ Park, especially in the Maasai language. There are species like the Big Five animals which are elephants, buffalos, lions, rhinos, and leopards. This Park is also endowed with varieties of plant species as grassland for the herbivores and also tall trees that favor large and tall animals like elephants and giraffes. These short grasslands and the landscape of the Park influence the construction of tented camps for the camping safaris. The tour organizers always construct temporary tented camps within the park especially for visitors who are funny of witnessing the events of the Great Migration. It is from these camps, where the most successful animal movies about the Great Migration were shot. Other luxurious camps for your multiday stay at Serengeti are also available for you.


Ngorongoro crater Camping safaris; This is an attractive area that is included in the list of Natural Wonders of the World. It is the world’s ancient intact caldera which is said to be the tallest mountain in the world before it exploded. Yes, historians suggest that it was even taller than the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. Within Ngorongoro crater, you will be able to camp if you need to, especially if you want to study the location in detail. Camps inside the Crater would help you to have that enough time to observe the caldera and the animals residing in it. You may observe some kind of species that are only seen at night and very rarely during the daytime like laughing hyenas, and wolfs both of which mostly hunt during the nighttime to obtain their food. 

Camping Safaris in Tanzania
Ngorongoro crater Camping safaris


Tarangire National Park Camping safari; This is also the best National Park that I would like to invite you to experience a camping tour. If you would like to camp with other tourists, you will both enjoy much during the day since this National Park is a special place for varieties of bird species, (over 500 bird species) that are very attractive making it a famous destination for birders, ornithologists and other visitors who want to learn more about both migratory and resident bird speciesThe Tarangire national park is most famous for the large population of African elephants than any park in Tanzania. These huge numbers of elephants are easily seen during the dry season from June to October as there is a lack of water sources at many parks that cause a greater migration of elephants to the Tarangire River streams of water and other sub-sources to cut their thirst. Mostly of migrants Elephants are from Maasai Mara. Apart from a large number of Elephants and water sources, Tarangire National Park is also famous for baobab trees that are also known as living trees, that are naturally grown within the park thus Camping Safaris in Tanzania.

More interesting camps are so affordable, quality attractive and very fantastic accommodations that make tourists have a great desire of visiting the National Parks in Tanzania. These camps provide simple life to some other surrounding families as it supports them by making opportunities to the surrounding community by employing them and purchasing their local products. So the natives are very charming to the campers and you will be proud to be there. There are tour guides, hotel attendants, and also the securities members. These servants will make you feel safe in your camp. If you are interested in a camping Tanzania safari, consider planning it.

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