Camping in Tanzania  : The calm effect of the beautiful birds songs, the sound of water crashing on the beach and the wind in the trees are what exactly replaces with noisy streets, traffics and stress of the work. Camping in the wilderness give you the peace of mind that you have been craving for and taking a break from everything that has been rushing you. Camping alone and camping with the family all together creates a special bond one to yourself as it gives you a special feeling and finding yourself in a quite environment as you will feel a special connection to yourself. Camping is the perfect exercise for the family and friends to form and strengthen the special bond as you get to do different activities.

Camping in Tanzania safari is the total amazing and unique experience to explore the nature and its animals in the closer pace, this safari is so special and unique as it brings together the most remarkable landscapes, as well as the most thrilling wildlife.

The Tanzania safaris are all about being in the middle of nowhere in Serengeti plains, watching the stars in the dazzling night around the campfire while having a sip of the local beer after having the delicious meal in the wilderness.

Camping in Tanzania 
Camping in Tanzania 

Camping on the northern circuit of Tanzania.

The northern circuit of Tanzania Is comprised of Serengeti national park, Ngorongoro crater, Lake Manyara and the Tarangire national park. It’s a special place to camp in the true wilderness with diverse wildlife as well as the beautiful landscape that will impress you with the most amazing sceneries. In the camps in the wilderness you can enjoy the public camps that are found inside the parks or the private camps that are found in the outskirts. You might bump on the elephant on your way to shower in the camps that are found in the park because there are fenced. It’s common to meet the antelopes, giraffes and other animals around the camps in the morning.

Most of the camps here are not luxury but they are very comfortable, most of the safari companies on the northern circuits normally organizes the mobile camps because there are several stops that needs you to visit the 4 national park mighty need you to spend up to 8 days in the wilderness. The tents are made large enough to enable you stand, dinner is normally eaten around fire on the shades of the acacia tree or under the blue sky that is well decorated with bright stars that will give you a thrilling feeling of the beauty of nature.

When the deep night comes, you will hear the roaring lions in the distance, while the laughing hyenas can be heard clearly and even closer to your tents. The whistling insects will not stop entertaining your ears throughout the night, you don’t need alarmed while on this camps. Rest assured that the sweet voices of the birds singing are going to be the best alarm for all the days that you will be camping here, waking up to this voices is what will make a new day meaningful peaceful and energetic all at once.

Things to do in order to protect yourself in the wild.

The Africa and Tanzania safari are very safe, but there are risks that can occur and especially when you’re in the middle of the plains and national parks some that are surrounded by the wild animals such as predators, danger is always involved. There are tips that can always help you stay safe while in the camps and on these safaris because every ones safety is the first priority while on the safari.

  1. Do not disturb the animals in anyway, animals in their plains move freely in their natural habitat. Do not get any closer to the animals, do not wave or call out to the animals because they might run away and lose their sight or at some point they might come towards you and it’s so dangerous for everyone in the car
  2. Listen and follow guides instructions in the wild all the time. They are well experienced and they have enough knowledge of the wildlife, it’s very important to listen to them and follow their instruction for the safety of everyone around. Do not go on the nature walks alone, follow the routes to take as instructed do not diverge in anyway and walk on the single file all the time.
  3. Do not walk at night and make sure to zip your tents when it’s time to sleep. Most of the wildlife becomes alive during the night, especially the predators as they go hunting in search of their preys. It’s not safe to walk around at night, if you need to spot the nocturnal creatures, the night game drives can be offered by the guides its best to request for it than wandering around at night on your won.
  4. Don’t try to swim in the lake or river, the water might look tempting especially during the afternoon. Most of the lakes and rivers are filled with crocodiles and hippos. Before jumping into the water of nay lakes and rivers its best to consult the guided and they will tell you if it’s safe or not, do not decide on your won it’s too risky and dangerous. It’s not just protection from the wild animals also protect yourself from water bone diseases such as bilharzia.
  5. Tanzania is found in the Malaria belt, it’s very essential to carry the mosquito repellant just to be safe because there are a lot of mosquitos during the evening and at night. It’s necessary to protect yourself from all this mosquitoes to avoid falling sick. There are also several vaccinations that you must take before going on to the Tanzania safari. You can also protect yourself from malaria by the use of mosquito nets and wear long pants, long sleeve and finally open shoes.
  6. Keep your voices down all the time in the park, while on the wild animals are the bosses hence they do not to be disturbed by any means while in their habitat. It’s important to keep your voices down because the animals do not have to fell threatened by any means because they might be really dangerous when they feel like they are not safe in any way. Do not provoke them in any way they can turn wild that’s why they are called wild animals, example the cheetah they will not hassle human unless you start it in the first place. You’re not in danger while in the wild, unless you act reckless but your safe all the time while on the safari.
Camping in Tanzania 
Camping in Tanzania 

While on the self-drive do not honk or shout at the animals, to try to get them turn this can cause the animals to be in alarm or startle they can be dangerous and attack you immediately.

  1. The most important rule to observe is do not bring food to your tents. The animals have the ability to sense and smell food clearly, they can tear down the tent in order to get the smell they have sensed and want to taste exactly wants that smell of. When they do not smell any food from the tent they just ignore it and consider it as a thing and it will not draw any attention to them. First thing first do not bring food, candies of anything to your tent.
  2. When you really have to pee while in the tent, you can go out to pee with the touch with you, make sure its safe first before going out. Do not wander around pee close to the tent do not go far especially if you’re in the isolated area, pee and immediately get back to the tent and remember to zip your tent and all open holes.

It’s important to try to stay safe always in the camping, camp smart for the safety of everyone and the rules of camping will be set clearly to you. It’s important to follow each one of them.

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