Bush Dining Safaris In Tanzania : Ever enjoyed a game drive in Tanzania? Or a mountain climbing safari? Have you thought of how fantastic will it be if you have dinner in the African bush? Thousands of safari-goers wish to experience that feeling of having bush dinner in the finest Tanzanian parks and game reserves. Most of the spectacular destinations offer state-of-art trips including the so-called bush dinner. Here are some of the nicest picks for your bush dinner.

Serengeti – The home of the Great Migration is also a splendid destination for having a bush dinner. World-class hotels and tented camps inside this wonderful park usually organize a bush dinner for their clients. Serengeti is rich in carnivores in the world and cute singing birds which will decorate the moments of your dinner.

Lake Manyara – Hosting the world’s unique species of lions, Lake Manyara is an excellent site for having fun on a bush dinner dining on the beach of Lake Manyara where you enjoy the noises of aquatic animals and the tides of water as well as the night breezes which seems to be fascinating.

Ngorongoro Crater – On the crater floor you can have a bush dinner with your family and friends. This classic caldera hosts a large number of wild animals residing on its crater floor. A bush dinner in a spectacular destination is worth it.

Tarangire National Park – It hosts the largest concentration of birds in Tanzania. It is also a hiding place for wildlife in the dry season as thousands of wild animals accumulate near the magnificent Tarangire River, the lifeline of Tarangire National Park. It also has untouched places for you to set up a bush dinner with your loved ones.

Organizing an unforgettable bush dinner

Although every tour operator has their way of organizing a bush dinner, the steps are always similar. The bush dinner is always organized at around 18:00 p.m. to 22:00 p.m. A tent is set in the chosen location along with dining tables and chairs. The staff will let you decides on the type of food to be included in the menu for your bush dinner.

Additional flavors like alcoholic drinks, jokes and sports can be added while dinning.

What to expect on bush dinner?

You will discover a lot of things on your bush dinner. Cementing the memories of your date with something like a dinner in the bush is absolutely sensational. Making things cool with your sweetheart by surprising him/her with a precious gift on a bush dinner will leave him/her really impressed.

A bush dinner is also fantastic for birthday boys and girls. Cerebrating your birthday or anniversary on a bush dinner will leave you with unfazed memory. Bush dinners are full of surprises include gifts, sensational stories and unique insights from the team or family.

Bush Dining Safaris In Tanzania
Bush Dining Safaris In Tanzania

High quality photos are shot in happy moments like ones that visitors will have on a bush dinner. You may request for a filming permit from the park authorities and have a film of yours and your friends dining in the African bush. You will also something to write on your diary.

When to go for a bush dinner

Despite the fact that bush dinners can be planned at any time throughout the season, a bush dinner during the dry season is more rewarding than the one in the wet season. This is because rains are unlikely to interrupt a bush dinner planned in dry season than the one in the wet season. So, you will enjoy the bush dinner without any interruptions from the weather events like rains.

Truly speaking a bush dinner is once-in-a-lifetime experience for every nature who want to enjoy the unforgettable moments of magical sounds of wild animals while opening champagne and eating “nyama choma”. You have never had that feeling in the fabulous Tanzanian destinations, consider having one of the brilliant, incomparable activity.

How do I organize a bush dinner? Probably this is one of your questions in mind right now. Visit some websites of splendid accommodation facilities like lodges, tented camps and hotels, they always list most of their products and packages on their websites and social media channels. Some tour operators also have these products listed on their websites. If you contact them, they will inform you on everything you need to know about bush dining safaris.

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