A joint group tour to Mahale National park

a joint group tour to Mahale National park  : Tanzania is one of the very good countries in tourism sector. This is manifested by its ability to hold strong policies in tourism issues and the sector at large. Despite having some minor challenges, Tanzania has been benefiting a lot from tourist activities whereby both the domestic and international tourists and visitors have been influenced to come and visit a lot of tourist attractions. It has been recording thousands of visitors in various places of the country. These people have been influenced to come and visit Tanzania due to its political stability since it is marked as the peace keeping island in the world and most other countries appreciate it.

Mahale National Park is on Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. Located in Western Tanzania on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, this park contains a large population of wild Chimpanzees. Mahale has been the center of chimpanzees’ conservation, and it is estimated to be the only park in Tanzania with most population of chimpanzees. Approximately 700 chimpanzees live in this park. A joint trip to Mahale Mountains National Park is a magical experience with a lot to do. The most frequented touristic activities at Mahale are;

Trekking Chimpanzees

Tracking the chimpanzees in the Mountains (Mahale range) is a magical experience. The trekking of chimps also includes Exploring Forest fauna and flora such as monkeys (Angola colobus, red colobus, red-tailed and blue monkeys), forest birds, alpine bamboo, and montane rain forest.  Beach experience along Lake Tanganyika

mahale chimpanzees
wild chimpanzees in mahale national park

Lake Tanganyika is one of the African Great Lakes. The lake borders four countries: Burundi, Congo DRC, Zambia, and Tanzania. The majority of the lake is in Tanzania and DRC. Swimming in Lake Tanganyika is like being in four African countries at once.

When going for a tour in Mahale-Tanzania, make sure you reach the gorgeous Lake Tanganyika on the West side of the country.

As a joint Group, you will leave the house sitting at Kapishya Hot springs and head north along the east coast of Lake Tanganyika to discover what beach life is like in the middle of Africa. You will visit Isanga bay, the old church at Kipili, and Lakeshore Lodge for Kayaking and snorkeling while enjoying the glorious sunsets of Lake Tanganyika. There are many beaches to visit Kagongo Beach, Golden Beach, Hilltop hotel terrace and the beach, Lake Tanganyika Hotel terrace, Kimba Beach Resort waterfront, Jakobsen Beach and Guest House for boat rides, and Bangwe Beach. Sunset Over Lake Tanganyika

You can take the bus from any country to Kigoma to experience the magnificent sunsets over Lake Tanganyika. One of Africa’s Great lakes. There are several spots along the shoreline of Lake Tanganyika to enjoy sundowners, swimming or boat rides on the Lake, sport fishing, and many more water sports activities.

Gombe National Park

As with the Mahale Mountains National Park’s neighbor, Gombe National Park in the north is the habitat of Africa’s last surviving wild chimpanzees. The Gombe National Park is in the Kigoma Region’s west side in Tanzania. It is also known as the Gombe Stream National Park. The Park is 16 km (10 miles) north of Kigoma. Gombe National Park in Western Tanzania, home of the chimpanzee, is recommendable. Chimpanzees are the closest relative in the animal Kingdom. Spending some time with these intelligent primates is an experience like no other.

gombe chimpanzees

Apart from all learned from the two National Parks in North Wester Tanzania (Gombe) and (Mahale). There are five other National Parks in Tanzania that are important safari destinations (Serengeti, Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Ruaha, and Lake Manyara National Park). Traveling for safari all around Africa, you will find that Tanzania is the real heart of Africa. If you count the climate, food, language, culture, people, freedom, and tourist attractions, then Tanzania is the warm country in Africa.

Getting to Mahale Mountain National Park

Take a Charter flight from Arusha, Dar or Kigoma. Charter private or national park motorboat from Kigoma, three to four hours. Weekly steamer from Kigoma, seven hours, then hire a local fishing boat or arrange with park HQ for pickup in park boat, another one or two hours.

Another choice is to go by road transport using Buses, private cars, or touristic cars depending on your booking and budget.

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