A Classic Tourism Experience At Kilwa : Tanzania is one of the countries which are endowed with a lot tourist’s attractions. These includes various national parks, game reserves as well as unique islands. Kilwa is one of the significant islands in Tanzania, which serves as a very important safari destination in Tanzania and East Africa at large.

As one of the great islands, Kilwa was once a prominent trading hub in Tanzania, East Africa and Africa at large. It was first established as a port and the center of the Swahili civilization at the starting of the 9th century and later it was served as a busy and wealthy commercial center.

Kilwa Island is one of the significant places as a port town that is very much evident when tourists visits the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites within it which are the Ruins of Songo Mnara and the Ruins of Kisiwani. These are so called must – see tourism attractions. Songo Mnara and Kisiwani ruins were two port cities that are located on two different islands off the coast of Kilwa.

The name ‘Kilwa’ is said to be originated from one among the Bantu languages meaning ‘Place of Fish.’ Also, some believes that the name is the collective vocabulary said to be given after three different areas on the coast of Tanzania. These areas are Kilwa Masoko, Kilwa Kisiwani and Kilwa Kivinje. All these place are historical – well documented since they were trade hubs among east African states and the fellow Asian countries. Nowadays, they have remained very memorable sites in Tanzania, east Africa and Africa in large.

Among these ports, there is one which is bigger than the other; Kisiwani is the bigger one among the two islands. These islands were prospered for almost ten centuries that is from 9th to 19th century. It was in the 13th and 14th centuries when these two islands reached the climax of their influence on trading activities due to the fact that they controlled all activities in the Indian Ocean with the countries of Arabia, Africa, and Asian countries i.e. India and China.

It was in this time that Kilwa Kisiwani established its own currency and the islands commodities that could expand its influence over trading activities among the connected states. Among the goods and commodities that could be used in exchanging were silver and gold. These currencies were coming from the interiors of Africa and they were exchanged for incenses, shining silver, carnelians. These goods were a kind of reddish semi-precious stones.

At the coast, other goods and ornaments were exchanged such as Persian earthenware that was decorated with metallic glaze, colored, and Chinese ceramics, from beads to pottery.

Today, the ruins of the many momentous and elaborate buildings, some decorated with Chinese porcelain and built using wood, coral stone, and lime still remain on the islands. You can sightsee entire Kilwa features including mosques, houses, baths, public gathering places, palace ruins, and cemeteries. The architecture is Arabic with Swahili influence and illustrates the advent of Islam in Africa. It also tells you about the past bustling activity and splendor of these now silent cities.This is one of the places that you can effectively meet your expectations as you can sight a lot species and other aquatic related species such as fish and so on.

A Classic Tourism Experience At Kilwa
A Classic Tourism Experience At Kilwa

One of the tourist’s attractions that you can easily sight when visiting Kilwa islands are having historical tours to Kilwa islands, Songo Mnara as well as the Great Mosque of Kilwa. The great Mosque of Kilwa is what makes the place that much famous. This is because the mosque is one of the oldest standing religious building (mosque) to be sited on the east African Coast.

In fact, this is one of the best places to visit and spend time at while occupied with a lot of duties to perform. This is because it is a place where you can enjoy and refresh. Also, when you are occupied with stress you can use this place to get relieve since it exposes visitors to a new experience hence improvement in the thinking capacity, reasoning skills, decision making skills as well as the negotiation skills. Also, it helps in building one’s physic and emotional intelligence.

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