10 things to think about before planning for trip to Tanzania : The first thing when thinking of planning a safari, the first place you should think of is Tanzania. It’s a perfect for a safari regarding it in terms of affordability and it’s also less crowded. This country is rich and highly blessed with abundance wildlife, the paradise for the bird lovers, and the highest point in Africa is also found in this country. After having the most adventurous moment in the national as well as hiking the highest point of Africa, the spicy island of Zanzibar will not disappoint you as it’s the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying the beautiful beaches.

The following are the things to think about before planning a trip to Tanzania.

  1. Budget- how much is going to cost while in Tanzania varies, save as much as you can because there are a lot many different that you will want to do. It’s important to know how much you’re going to use and that depends on the accommodations, entry fees, food, transport and all necessary activities. Make full research of all this and then start planning on the budget and how much you will use for your entire safari, otherwise you might end up either overspending or utilizing less than your required budget. In addition to that, preparing your budget earlier will help to clearly anticipate all the activities that you will get involved in whilst on a safari. It will also enable you to add some of the exciting and yet less costly adventurous activities like sport fishing, street biking, bird watching, and the fascinating dolphin kissing at Zanzibar.
  1. Safari operator- there are many different safari operators, double check all information about the safari operators in order to meet your expectations, because some of them will not reach the standards that they have promised. We have to spend enough time with accurate concertation in order to determine the best Safari operator to meet all your expectations once on a safari, unless you might end being hosted by a tour operator who might not be able to meet all your travel desires in one way or the other. For any safari to Tanzania and East Africa at large you are highly advised to book Focus East Africa Safaris, as they are the top tour operators across the whole of Eastern Africa, and their long term experience will earn you total satisfaction. You can easily book your safari to Tanzania through the official Focus East Africa Tours Websites, meanwhile you can enjoy the 24/7 service of chatting directly with one of the representatives from their official websites. If that is no enough, you can also reach them at any time through their all-time available contacts, and they will always respond immediately.

    10 things to think about before planning for trip to Tanzania
    Focus East Africa Tours
  1. How long are you planning to spend in Tanzania- think of how many days will spend in Tanzania because there different safari packages depending on your availability as well as your budget. You should know your budget early enough for you to plan on the number of days you will enjoy exploring the vast natural beauty of Tanzania. The good news is that your tour operator will always be there to prepare the itinerary for you, and this will be a clear reflection of how many days you will spend, and how are you going to spend them. Having the best tour operators like Focus East Africa safari will mean that you will have the best itinerary for your whole safari, 10 things to think about before planning for trip to Tanzania
  2. The best timing to visit Tanzania- It depends on the activities that you’re planning to do while in Tanzania. Taking an example of the one who is coming with the main aim of seeing the maximum possible number of animals, then it is obvious that the perfect time is normally the dry season which is normally in June to October. Some factors to consider while selecting the best timing are your favorite activities, your availability, your budget, the extra activities you expect to get involved with, and the weather condition you are comfortable with. Be sure that you are conversant with the weather condition of the tourism time you have selected, unless otherwise you will have to take all the necessary precautions in advance.
  1. What to bring in your Tanzania wildlife safari bring with you all the useful things and don’t forget the warm clothes as it normally gets cold during the night. The expensive jewelries and all the valuable materials its best if you leave them at home. Don’t forget your camera while on this trip because you will need to capture the important memories.

    10 things to think about before planning for trip to Tanzania
    Birding in Serengeti National Park
  1. What vaccinations are needed- it’s important to plan ahead because there are some vaccinations that will take up to 6 month to complete. Vaccinations such as of yellow fever, COVID-19 vaccine, typhoid and many more. However, there are some vaccinations which are kind of seasonal, whereas they are necessary on just some specific seasons, 10 things to think about before planning for trip to Tanzania
  2. Check your passport and visa requirements- ensure that the passport is current and it’s also valid least of 6 month from the time that you want to travel. Also know the necessary visa that will allow you to enter in Tanzania. In addition to that, you have to ensure that you always travel with either your original Visa and Passport, or their official copies in case you are or unofficial walks within Tanzania. Not being able to walk with your official copies of passport and visas might result into you being detained or suffer severe fines
  3. Carry cash with you- most of the places in Tanzania they do not use the credit cards to get money, make sure you have some cash in your pockets while visiting different places such as restaurants and supermarkets.
  4. Take the necessary healthy and safety precautions- pack with you the adequate first aid kit, copies of your passport, vaccine documentations as well as the sanitizers.
  1. Plan to have the most amazing trip and the unforgettable safari experience in Tanzania that you will not have in any other place in the world.

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